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We all want the very best for our dogs and our dogs want to be the very best for us. The language barrier between humans and canines causes them to display undesirable behaviour. So how do we bridge the barrier? The answer is by learning the method called Amichien™ Bonding as pioneered by Jan Fennell ‘The Dog Listener’.

The Amichien™ Bonding method is an ongoing process giving you and your dog the right environment and time to learn. It can be taught to you by Rachael in the comfort of your own home, the benefit of learning in your own home is you and your dog will both be relaxed and therefore behave naturally, you can then move into the wonderful world in which your dog will be able to cooperate with you, of their own free will, not because they are forced to.

Amichien™ Bonding is perfect for all who unashamedly love and respect their dog and want the very best for them without the use of force, aggression or gadgets.

What is a Dog Listener?

A Jan Fennell Dog Listener can work with you to change undesirable behaviour in your dog. You can learn how you can create an environment for your dog, enabling them to respond to you of their own free will, not because they are forced to, thereby achieving a trusting relationship you both truly deserve.

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Once the techniques are in place it is quite easy and enjoyable to maintain them.
Valerie - Epping

Rachael is an angel to me and has taught me so much about understanding dog language, that I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.
Louise - Brighton

The approach taken by Rachael was different to anything we had previously come across.

Lisa - Wiltshire

The 'Dog Listener' system opened our eyes and changed our attitude to our behaviour towards our dog.
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Rachael taught us an awful lot of very useful information with our dog Tia. One extremely kind and dedicated lady.
Clare - Kent

I highly recommend Rachael to everybody who wants to make their dog(s) happy!
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Fred & Alf
Talking Paws


All you need is an open mind and respect for the dog.