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Mission:Wolf – Colorado, US
By Rachael Messiter
In June 2009, Rachael left for Colorado with both of her dogs, to spend over a year volunteering at a Wolf Sanctuary – Mission:Wolf in Colorado, US. Rachael has been living remotely in a Tipi at an elevation of 9.5 thousand feet.

By Claire Roberts, Financial Times
Published: August 23 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 23 2008 03:00
Messiter makes the canine world more accessible to dog owners using the Amichien Bonding method, pioneered by dog behavioural expert Jan Fennell. "It's not about owners controlling their animal's behaviour, it's about creating an environment where dogs can think for themselves and operate self-control," she says. Read full article...

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How To Ensure Your Dog and Baby Bond
by Jan Fennell

We are now in the 21st Century, yet there remain many myths that are considered good advice. One of these is that when a baby is expected there is possible danger from the family dog. Where this belief came from I do not know, but I can assure you that if the situation is handled properly then there is the potential for a superb relationship between your dog and your new child. Read full article...

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Financial Times
Jan Fennell

Once the techniques are in place it is quite easy and enjoyable to maintain them.
Valerie - Epping

The approach taken by Rachael was different to anything we had previously come across.
Lisa - Wiltshire

The 'Dog Listener' system opened our eyes and changed our attitude to our behaviour towards our dog.
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Rachael is an angel to me and has taught me so much about understanding dog language, that I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.
Louise - Brighton

Rachael taught us an awful lot of very useful information with our dog Tia. One extremely kind and dedicated lady.
Clare - Kent

I highly recommend Rachael to everybody who wants to make their dog(s) happy!
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

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