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Dogs can react to anything they don’t understand, particularly loud noises which given thought we do as well. Loud noises and the fear of falling will make us react violently and is something we share with canines. So it is no surprise then to learn that this is a common problem with dogs, in particular dogs and fireworks, a car back firing, dogs and thunderstorms.

I can give you some advice on this right now. The worst (but most natural) thing to do when you have a scared dog is to comfort them. This confirms to the dog that there is something to fear. The best thing to do is to be a calm presence for your dog but to make no issue of it. For example, if your dog is afraid of fireworks, when the time comes, prepare yourself with a book/magazine and sit on the floor near your dog, but do not interact. Your calmness will have a powerful effect on your dog. This is strengthened by the knowledge of how to communicate effectively with your dog to allow them to elect you leader and therefore decision maker. Your relaxed approach to your dog and fireworks is a strong message if your dog trusts your decisions.

Amichien Bonding will help with this problem and all other non-medical dog behaviour problems, you can succeed with this communication method in the privacy of your own home. Amichien Bonding can help with reading body language, teaching your dog good manners, the ability to be able to communicate effectively, becoming your dogs best friend and the general nature of your dog.

Give Dog Behaviourist Rachael a call to have a quick chat with her or fill in the Contact Form and Rachael will respond to you promptly and personally.  

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Rachael taught us an awful lot of very useful information with our dog Tia. One extremely kind and dedicated lady.
Clare - Kent

I highly recommend Rachael to everybody who wants to make their dog(s) happy!
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Once the techniques are in place it is quite easy and enjoyable to maintain them.
Valerie - Epping

Rachael is an angel to me and has taught me so much about understanding dog language, that I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.
Louise - Brighton

The approach taken by Rachael was different to anything we had previously come across.
Lisa - Wiltshire

The 'Dog Listener' system opened our eyes and changed our attitude to our behaviour towards our dog.
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

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