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The service Rachael offers is a lifetime plan for your dog which begins with a visit to you and your dog. Rachael can observe your dog in its natural environment and assess the problems you are having and give you simple, easy to follow guidelines that will help both you and your dog. What is more, all this will be done in the comfort of your own home.

During the consultation you will learn pack behaviour, the four key areas of Amichien™ Bonding and Rachael will work with you on each problem step by step and explain to you the reason these problems are occurring and more importantly a way of putting them right yourself. Rachael will stay with you until you feel confident that you can implement the method yourself.

After the consultation, should you have any questions or you simply need some reassurance, Rachael will just be a phone call away for as long as you need it. Rachael will give you the support you need to give you the confidence to carry on.

There are no hidden fees, a consultation which includes a detailed program to follow and lifetime of help is £245 plus mileage to and from your home.

It is recommended that you first read Jan Fennell’s book, The Dog Listener.

Although the book is quite comprehensive, it is not interactive, therefore, you may find working with Rachael, a Highly Recommended Associate of Jan Fennell, works better for you.

Call: 07747 022732

Amichien Bonding

The approach taken by Rachael was different to anything we had previously come across.
Lisa - Wiltshire

Rachael is an angel to me and has taught me so much about understanding dog language, that I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.
Louise - Brighton

The 'Dog Listener' system opened our eyes and changed our attitude to our behaviour towards our dog.
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Rachael taught us an awful lot of very useful information with our dog Tia. One extremely kind and dedicated lady.
Clare - Kent

I highly recommend Rachael to everybody who wants to make their dog(s) happy!
Raisa Critchley - Bury St Edmunds

Once the techniques are in place it is quite easy and enjoyable to maintain them.
Valerie - Epping

Talking Paws


All you need is an open mind and respect for the dog.