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NessieWe love our little dog Nessie very much, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to make her completely happy. She never seemed to relax properly and didn’t enjoy walking, and we never understood why.

The day when Rachael came and taught us the ‘Dog Listener’ system opened our eyes and changed our attitude to our behaviour towards Nessie.

This system is very logical and very powerful and what is most important it doesn’t contain any pressure or violence or anything which is against the dog’s nature. We started to notice a positive change in Nessie almost immediately (though to get the final result is a process which takes some time).

Another thing which was very impressive – service. I can say that the service Rachael provides is extremely professional, in fact it’s the best service we have received in years.

And last (but certainly not least) - Rachael’s personality. She is very friendly and her love of dogs and passion for her work is an inspiration.

During the session with Rachael we got valuable knowledge and a very nice experience. It was also great value for money.

I highly recommend Rachael to everybody who wants to make their dog(s) happy!

Raisa Critchley, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

MollyI would just like to show my gratitude to Rachael from Talking Paws as she taught us an awful lot of very useful information with our Tia. Rachael is truly dedicated and time is no limit with her and I would recommend her to anyone that needs advice in dog behaviour. I had read Jan Fennell's book The Dog Listener and was very keen on her methods. The reason I called upon Rachael was due to an issue I had with Tia each time I was going over to my Mums, once we arrived at the house she was so excited in seeing my Mum (as I thought) that everywhere my Mum went she followed, it got to the point where she would ignore my commands and just to go and see where my Mum was. I thought this was not normal behaviour and called upon Rachael. She explained to me that Tia was treating my Mum as a subordinate and each time I went to see her she was not relaxed around my Mum and believed it was her duty to look after my Mum. Rachael explained this to us and showed us the ways of sorting it out. Tia had just turned 4 when we called upon Rachael. We had rescued her at 5 months after she had been dumped in a flat and left for a period of days without food or water. Sadly just over a month after meeting with Rachael tia passed away with pneumonia, both my husband and I we were absolutely devastated. However, I will always be grateful to Rachael and if we get another one I will certainly use those skills. One extremely kind and dedicated lady. Claire - Kent

DexterDexter our Shih-tzu has always been treated as the "baby" of the family and although he is very good natured and always seeking attention from humans, at the age of about 4, he began to develop a slightly aggressive side with other dogs. When taking him for walks in the park, he would run right up to another dog and go straight for its face then walk away and go back to the dog like nothing at all had happened. Most of the other dogs would just give a growl back or ignore him but the owners would get quite protective and shout at me for not having him on a lead. I knew that he wouldn't do any harm to another dog but my concern was that one day he would go for a dog that would really attack him back.

Dexter would also ignore all my calls for him to come back to me and in fact would look at me and just walk in the opposite direction
in quite a defiant way. Dexter used to come with me to work every day and around the same age of 4, he also became very territorial at the office, barking incessantly at some of the visitors to the office.

One day while trawling through the internet looking for advice on stopping this behaviour, I came across the Dog Listeners website which looked very interesting. I left a message on the contact page and shortly after received a call from Rachael. Straight away I knew that she was the one who could help me with Dexter's (and more likely, MY) behavioural problems! As I live in Brighton and Rachael was all the way in Colchester, she suggested she put me in touch with a dog listener closer to me but I knew that it had to be Rachael, so was prepared to pay whatever necessary for her to get to meet Dexter!!!

After spending a whole day, patiently watching Dexter and me of course, giving advice and showing me ways of changing what I was doing wrong rather than trying to change him, I was completely amazed at how quickly he learned!! I continued to put into practice all the "rules" and on the whole he changed some of his behaviour within almost a week! Rachael stressed that everything needs to be done in the home so that he learns before going out how to behave and although he was doing so well, I still continued to struggle with stopping him from going for other dogs. Rachael was on the end of the phone and email whenever I needed her and with perserverance for quite a long time, one day at the park, he was a completely different dog! Dexter seemed to not even notice the other dogs, walked past them without going for them and was very happy to let them come up to him. He now comes to me whenever I call him and is generally now a well behaved, happy dog!

Rachael is an angel to me and has taught me so much about understanding dog language, that I would recommend her to anyone who needs help. So much so, that when I see other dog owners doing something "wrong" with their dogs, I want to go up to them and tell them they should be doing this or that and that they should be getting Rachael to visit! The one upsetting thing for me is that she is so far away from Brighton!!!

Thank you Rachael for your wonderful, kind way of dealing with Dexter and for sharing your wisdom with me!!

Louise - Brighton

MollyListening to the advice that you gave to Claire & David re Molly, it really brought home to me how we have allowed Buzz's old habits to slowly creep back. So it was a real kick up the backside for me to start again with Buzz to get some annoying issues sorted out, namely his excessive barking. I have enjoyed following your techniques, which make alot of sense if you think about them carefully and it has made our home a little quieter. Molly too is coming on leaps & bounds, she is a much happier stress-free dog !! Once the techniques are in place it is quite easy and enjoyable to maintain them. I have attached a picture of Buzz but feel free to use any you have if you prefer. Valerie - Epping

MollyThe visit to our home by Rachael produced quick and tangible results in the behaviour of our two rescued Jack Russell terriers, but also gave us many longer term elements to work on.Molly The four step program was simple to understand, which made it easier for us to implement straight away, and also to relate to situations which occurred after Rachael's visit. The approach taken by Rachael in terms of understanding the mentality of our dogs was different to anything we had previously come across in other training classes. Her method is more of a way of life with the dogs than a couple of rules of thumb, but now we have integrated into our lives the behaviour of our puppies has increased materially. Lisa - Chippenham

I called Rachael after my dog went for another dog and pulled me over and ran across a busy main road to get at. It was a horrible situation and I found that I had lost all my confidence in ever taking my dog out again and felt that I had failed him. I decided that I must seek help as soon as possible and I had read Jan Fennell's book a while back and I was looking at the internet to find advice or a trainer and got into contact with Rachael who phoned me the same evening to discuss the problem and a home consultation was arranged.

I was impressed with Rachael's calm demeanor when she arrived at my home which was in a bit of an upheaval because my husband is building an extension. Rachael was very patient and explained the way she worked and the four important elements of the method she uses Amichien Bonding. She also gave me a training plan which I refer to and find helpful and said that it would be best to do things in small stages which was also good and to do certain processes when I felt ready. I was so shaken and distressed with my dog attacking another dog, she advised me not to take him out for a fortnight. This helped me a lot, as I was convinced that if I didn't take Ben out everyday it would be bad for him and he would get bored and frustrated, I thought that you had to take a dog out everyday, however, I did do the training she had instructed me to do everyday indoors. I was also advised not to play with tug toys with my dog and I have stuck to this direction as well and here again this is an instance of my doing something which I thought would be interesting and provide exercise for my dog as long as I let him win sometimes, (this came out of a dog training book!).

MollyIt is also supportive to know that I can phone Rachael at any time to talk about any issues which might arise and I need advice and guidance about. Ben is an eight year old rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier who does have some very nice ways about him but he can be excitable and stubborn at times.

It is important to know that the training work will need to be done everyday and that it will take time and can never be overlooked, as your dog's development and its life can in some instances depend on it. Alanna Hylton - London

DaisyMy 8 year old Jack Russell & Corgi rescue dog called Tommy came with quite a bit of history. He had always asserted leadership and intended to continue with me. He displayed signs of serious distress unable to cope with the role he had taken on. He was a nightmare in the car barking, squeaking in an absolute panic, to get him out for a walk was a trial and people coming to the house was traumatic.

Having Rachael visit me and the back-up she provides was the best thing I did Tommyfor my dog and myself. She gave me a completely new strategy to work with Tommy and the results have been outstanding. Talking to my dog in his own language we now understand each other so much better. This is not a quick fix and persistence is needed but it is heart warming to see this lovely dog happy and contented with all that responsibility taken off his shoulders. Janette – Frinton, Essex

I contacted Rachael after trying the traditional methods of training with Harley my Labrador which didn’t work. I bought him from a breeder when he was 10½ months old, previously he only had contact with the breeder and never experienced the outside world. He was kept in a kennel with other dogs about the same age. His socialising skills with other dogs are great but he is very scared and wary of people and shows signs of agoraphobia. I decided there had to be someone who could help me with him. I did a search on the internet and found Jan Fennell’s website with recommendation to Rachael Messiter, I made contact and arranged to meet with her. Rachael was very calm and a confident person. She said she would be able to help with Xena, my Sprocker Spaniel puppy too. Rachael spent over 6 hours at my home with me and my dogs explaining the method to me and showing me what to do with Xena. I had lots of issues to conquer with Harley, as he had gone into shut down mode. He is now more alert and responsive and he is eating so much better. He is calmer around people and sometimes allows them to stroke him. He responds to his name and is looking happier; the sadness has almost gone from his eyes. Xena is also calmer, she is now 9 months old and my friends have noticed a difference with her as she isn’t always jumping up and desperate for attention.

Amichien™ bonding is a very natural way to train dogs and it has become part of my lifestyle. It is still early days with Harley but the changes in him have been significant. I believe that every dog owner should try this method, it is a lifetime commitment and you have to stick with it and be consistent but it works. My dogs are both calmer and the three of us now have an amazing bond.

The consultation didn’t stop the minute Rachael left my home, we have been in contact on the phone and by email and her advice has proved invaluable.

Thank you for helping me to make my dogs happy and helping to believe that there is hope and every dog deserves this opportunity. Naomi - Norfolk


All you need is an open mind and respect for the dog.